Same Deluxe

Need something simple and fun to play? Try Same Deluxe now.

4.0 stars on Google Play

Same DeluxeGoogle Play4.0

Same Deluxe is a very simple and fun game to play, try to achieve the highest possible score. You can compete your score with your friends and family, or with other people via online leaderboards.

How to play

It’s simple to play Same Deluxe, just tapping a group of 2 or more adjacent square with same color. The larger the group will produce the greater score.


Same Deluxe has 2 mode:
1. Classic Mode : Without Timer, play at your own pace to produce a best highscore in single level game. (Strategy is important in this mode)
2. Arcade Mode : With Timer, Clear each level before the times runs out. (Speed and fast decision is crucial in this mode)